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Pre Audit Checks

Even with the most stringent controls possible on production techniques, metal contamination can and does occur. Every sieving, crushing, cutting, mincing, mixing or packing process introduces a potential risk of contamination.

All food suppliers and their suppliers must have in place appropriate systems for the prevention of metal contamination. These must include good working practices to prevent metal contamination backed up by effective metal detection and rejection systems.

Pre Audit Checks

Many leading retailers such as M&S and Sainsburys insist on a rigorous Code of Practice to be implemented on their food packaging lines inorder to attain their own “retail specification”.

Inspection System Services can help you attain & retain that retail specification by employing our pre-audit checks, ensuring that your line is fully compliant with that retailers specification, preventing a failure at audit time which could be very problematic as production could be halted and all produced stock having to be re-checked.

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