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New Equipment

Inspection System Services can offer you a wide variety of new equipment to purchase to suit your metal detection and check weigh applications, this combined with our industry experience, maintenance, training and hire services, ensures that you can achieve the best all round solution for your needs.

Best value, best fit, best specification to fit your demands!

We are pleased to be able to offer you a number of new units from various manufacturers such as Ceia Industrial Metal Detectors, Sapphire Alliance and Fortress Technology Metal Detectors.

Fortress Metal Detectors

Fortress Technology metal detectors
Fortress metal detectorFortress Technology has grown rapidly to become a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sales of metal detector systems since starting on a small-scale in 1996.

In fact, thousands of Fortress systems have been installed and are operating in more than 45 countries.




Sapphire Alliance Xray Inspection

Sapphire Alliance logoSapphire Inspection Systems is a designer and manufacturer of end-of-line inspection systems for the Food and Pharmaceutical sectors. They design and manufacture Xray inspection systems.

Sapphire G20 XRay inspectionSapphire Inspection Systems has one of the most experienced teams in the field. It is a member of the Cheyney Group and of the Sapphire Alliance of international Xray system manufacturers.

Services offered :

  • Design and manufacture of automatic Xray Inspection Systems
  • Remote support & programming via ethernet connectivity
  • Rental of Xray Systems, Metal Detectors, Check-weighers
  • Rental of combination XR/CW and MD/CW systems
  •  Contract Xray inspection services